Metaphysical Degree

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Metaphysical Degree

metaphysical degree


  • pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics; “metaphysical philosophy”
  • without material form or substance; “metaphysical forces”
  • The metaphysical poets
  • highly abstract and overly theoretical; “metaphysical reasoning”


  • academic degree: an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study; “he earned his degree at Princeton summa cum laude”
  • A unit of measurement of angles, one three-hundred-and-sixtieth of the circumference of a circle
  • A stage in a scale or series, in particular
  • a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process; “a remarkable degree of frankness”; “at what stage are the social sciences?”
  • The amount, level, or extent to which something happens or is present
  • a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality; “a moderate grade of intelligence”; “a high level of care is required”; “it is all a matter of degree”

metaphysical degree – The influence

The influence of Descartes on metaphysical speculation in England: being a degree thesis
The influence of Descartes on metaphysical speculation in England: being a degree thesis
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My Natal Chart

My Natal Chart
Rising Sign is in 14 Degrees Scorpio.
You tend to be quiet, reserved, secretive and, at times, quite difficult to understand. Others notice your deep emotions and feelings and wonder how to draw you out. Stubborn and tough, you fight for any position you believe in. You are very resourceful and formidable when you become angered or upset about something. You enjoy living life at the cutting edge — for you life must be experienced intensely and totally. Quite courageous, you are willing to take calculated risks. Easily hurt by others, you often strike back with bitter sarcasm. Sensitive and curious, you are concerned with the deeper mysteries of human psychology. Once you have become interested in any subject, you pursue it with total fanaticism.

Sun is in 03 Degrees Leo.
More than a bit of a showoff, you love to be the center of attention! But others do not usually mind because they tend to enjoy your genuine warmth and affection. Very spirited and willful, proud and self-important at times, you demand your own way. You are quite honest, however, and the respect of others is very important to you. You never compromise yourself and you pursue your goals with persistence and dedication. Your regal presence and demeanor draws you to positions of leadership and authority. But beware of being overly hardheaded, domineering, ostentatious or patronizing or you will lose the goodwill and admiration that you enjoy. Very theatrical, you live life on a grand scale wherever and whenever possible. Your strength and energy vitalizes those who come in contact with you.

Moon is in 21 Degrees Pisces.
You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin — you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others — so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

Mercury is in 16 Degrees Cancer.
Your emotions tend to rule your thought processes. You have difficulty seeing life objectively. You have an excellent memory, especially about things to which you have formed an emotional bond. You prefer ideas and thoughts that are known and familiar, and therefore tend to dislike fads or radical ideas. The beliefs and traditions of your family and culture are very important to you. Your thinking becomes quite unclear when you are emotionally shaken — try not to make major decisions when you are upset. Let things calm down first.

Venus is in 17 Degrees Virgo.
You express your love and affection through selfless service to people or causes. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth. This is very demeaning and should be avoided — learn to love yourself as well as you do others. Your standards of perfection are very high — you are attracted to relationships based on duty and responsibility. You are supercritical of yourself and others and, at times, prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfections in yourself or in those with whom you might relate.

Mars is in 15 Degrees Gemini.
Your energies get turned on quickly whenever anything interests you. But you have a very short attention span and it is difficult for you to complete tasks because something else more interesting always seems to be beckoning. You love to debate and argue, usually in a spirit of friendly disagreement. But watch out that you do not get too overly aggressive or antagonistic or others will be quick to take offense where none may have really been intended. You need to be in constant physical motion — sports or daily exercise is a must for you if you are to feel fit and healthy.

Jupiter is in 05 Degrees Scorpio.
You love to dig deep beneath surface appearances in order to find out what is really happening. A persistent researcher, you are very interested in the psychology of any situation. You tend to become overwhelmed by the complexity of what you uncover, however, and that makes you a bit gun-shy about explaining things to others. But you must learn to try to communicate as best you can because what you know is really very valuable to others.

Saturn is in 11 Degrees Pisces.
Your tendency to think that your life is out of control is based on an unreasonable fear, probably connected with an unfortunate experience with the person who filled the father figure role in your early life. Learn to take responsibility here and now for your own life. Try to stop having unrealistic expectations about

MIMMO RUBINO gazebo, Matera (IT), 15-18/05/09

MIMMO RUBINO gazebo, Matera (IT), 15-18/05/09
Property (roberto esposito)

2. Locke’s reasoning unravels through concentric circles that don’t have a political-juridical principle at their center, but rather a direct biological marking. The exclusion of someone else cannot be established except as part of the consequential chain that originated in the metaphysical assumption of bodily inclusion. Property is implicit in the work that modifies what is naturally given as work, which in turn is included in the body of the person who performs it. Just as work is an extension of the body, so is property an extension of work, a sort of prosthesis that through the operation of the arm connects it to the body as part of the same vital segment; not only because property is necessary to materially support life, but because it is directed to corporeal formation. Here another transition becomes clear, indeed even a shift in the trajectory with respect to the subjective self-insurance identified by Heidegger in the modern repraesentatio: the predominance over the object isn’t established by the distance that separates it from the subject, but by the very [End Page 37] movement of its incorporation. The body is the primary site of property because it is the location of the first property, which is to say what each person holds over himself [ha su se stesso]. If the world was given to us by God in common, the body belongs solely to the individual who at the same time is constituted by it and who possesses it before any other appropriation, which is to say in originary form. It is in this exchange—together both a splitting and a doubling—between being (a body) and having one’s own body that the Lockian individual finds its ontojuridical foundation for every appropriation that follows. Possessing one’s own corporeal form [persona], he is the owner of all his actions, beginning with the transformation of the material object, which he appropriates as a transitive property. From that moment every other individual loses the right over it, such that one can be legitimately killed in the case of theft. Seeing how the appropriate object is incorporated through work into the owner’s body, it then becomes identical to the biological life, and is defended through the violent suppression of the one that threatens it [as] the object has now become an integral part of his life.

Already here the immunitary logic grabs hold of and takes over the entire Lockian argumentative framework: the potential risk of a world given in common—and for this reason exposed to unlimited indistinction—is neutralized by an element that is presupposed by its originary manifestation because it is expressive of the relation that precedes and determines all the others: the relation of everyone with himself in the form of personal identity. This is the kernel and the shell, the content and the wrapping, and the object and the subject of the immunitary protection. As property is protected by the subject that owns it, a self-protecting capacity—preserved by the subject through his proprium and of that proprium through himself (through the same subjective substance)—extends, strengthens, and reinforces it. Once the proprietary logic is wedded to a solid underpinning such as belonging to one’s own body, it can now expand into communal space. This is not directly negated, and now incorporated and recut in a division that turns it into its opposite, in a multiplicity of things that have in common only the fact of being all of one’s own to the degree they have been appropriated by their respective owners:

From all which it is evident, that though the things of Nature are given in common, yet Man (by being Master of himself, and Proprietor of his Person, and the Actions or Labour of it), had still in himself the great foundation of Property; and that which made up the great part of what he apllyed to the Support or Comfort of his being, when Invention and Arts had improved the conveniences of Life, was perfectly his own, and did not belong in common to others.

Earlier I noted that we are dealing with an immunitary procedure that is much more potent than that of Hobbes because it inheres in the same form—though one could say in the material—of the individual. The increment of functionality that derives from it nonetheless comes with a corresponding intensification of the contradiction on which the entire system rests. This is no longer situated in the point of connection and tension between individuals and the sovereign as in the Hobbesian model, but in the complex relation that moves between subjectivity and property. What is at stake isn’t only a question of identity or of difference—the divergence that is opened in the assumed convergence between the two poles—but above all in the displacement of their prevailing relation. It is defined generally as follows: if the appropriated thing depends on the subject who possesses it such that it becomes one with the body, the owner in turn is rendered a

metaphysical degree

metaphysical degree

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